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Radyab Company was established on 13 December 1983 as a private joint stock company. After several years of experience in the construction field, in 2001 Radyab Company has started its pioneering activities in the use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite material (particularly in the reinforced concrete structures). Due to the lack of indigenous technical knowledge in the field of FRP composite material at that time, the company started a collaboration with EMPA research institute in Switzerland for transfer of knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of FRP in structural retrofitting.

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Engineered Solutions RADYAB

In the Engineering Department, our engineers carefully examine the structural problems and suggests the best solutions for retrofitting the building. Some of these solutions are:

  • Providing strengthening design using FRP Laminates
  • Providing strengthening design using FRP Sheets/ FRP Fabrics (Carbon/ Glass fibers)
  • Strengthening of beams, shear walls, slabs, and foundations
  • Upgrading bearing capacity of structural members against dead, live, and seismic loads
  • Executive plots for strengthening the building
  • Quality assessment of the straightening systems, in situ tests of FRP
  • Concrete building reinforced with FRP bars

Executive Department

One of the most prominent capabilities of our company is its specialized executive members. In addition to our high-level experience, our executive members are all involved in training and are updated every year by learning new techniques. Our executive members will be ready to carry out your project, no matter where your project is placed.

  • Strengthening of masonry, concrete and steel building using FRP materials
  • Anchor Bolts and re-bar embedment
  • steel and concrete jacketing
  • Building concrete structures reinforced with FRP bars
  • Column strengthening using CFRP wraps
  • Shear and flexural strengthening of beam using FRP sheet /laminate
  • Shear and flexural strengthening of shear walls using FRP sheet /laminate

The sales department has been selling strengthening materials for many years with the help of reputable global companies. To view the site of the sales associate, please refer to Quantum website.

  • FRP sheets and fabrics: uni/bidirectional fiber sheets made of Carbon, Glass, Aramid, and Basalt fibers and in various areal density
  • FRP fibers: Carbon fibers or known as CFRP, Glass fiber or GFRP, Basalt fiber or BFRP, and Aramid or Kevlar known as AFRP (chopped or roving)
  • Matrix: Epoxy resins, Anchoring glues, epoxy based repairing mortars and cement based repairing mortars
  • Composite bars: Glass (GFRP) bars with spirals and sandblast coating, CFRP bars, fixers, clips and ...
  • FRP Laminates

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